Life Changes

Hello all! Just wanted to post a quick message to the random folks out there who have stumbled on this blog and wondered why my last post was way back in January. You see, I started this blog because 1) I was new to being vegan last year and wanted to keep track of my experiences, 2) I had lots of creative recipes I developed as part of my previous position, and 3) I wanted to help others see how great being vegan can be! Now, I’ve moved to a new town, I have a new job that, as great … Continue reading Life Changes

My First Vegan Thanksgiving

Since I’m new in town, don’t have any friends yet, and can’t find much to do during the winter, I’ve been Netflixing quite a few documentaries lately. My favorites is Vegucated . These have been great sources of encouragement because, even though I … Continue reading My First Vegan Thanksgiving

Creative Potato Salads (Gluten-Free)

Sometimes, my best work happens during odd hours of the day. This is an example of a few of them. I signed myself up to bring potato salad to my work potluck that happened yesterday. This happened solely because I … Continue reading Creative Potato Salads (Gluten-Free)