About This Blog.

Welcome to Avocado Alice, established January 2015. This blog was started as a result of a New Year’s resolution to incorporate more vegan recipes into my diet . After sharing a few pictures of my vegan experiments on Facebook and Instagram, I was encouraged by a few friends to start a food blog and share my recipes. While adopting a completely vegan diet may not be for everyone, I am hoping that this blog will inspire others to not be afraid of experimenting with a new, more environmentally-conscious, and sustainable way of eating.  In this blog. you will find:

  • Recipes for healthy, vegan desserts (spoiler alert: most will contain avocados)
  • “Veganized” and healthy versions of classic recipes
  • Insights, tips, and tricks on making vegan-friendly and environmentally-conscious choices when shopping, cooking, and dining.
  • Accurate nutrition information from a Registered Dietitian
  • Random posts on whatever I feel like writing about that week. This is a new blog, so everything is subject to change!

This blog is an experiment. It might have hundreds of followers one day, or it might only be viewed by a few of my loyal friends. No matter what the numbers and stats are, I appreciate all visitors of this page and hope that you all find a bit of information that will help you in your own personal kitchen! Feel free to visit as often as you’d like, ask questions, comment on posts, and share with friends!


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