Life Changes

Hello all!

Just wanted to post a quick message to the random folks out there who have stumbled on this blog and wondered why my last post was way back in January.

You see, I started this blog because 1) I was new to being vegan last year and wanted to keep track of my experiences, 2) I had lots of creative recipes I developed as part of my previous position, and 3) I wanted to help others see how great being vegan can be!

Now, I’ve moved to a new town, I have a new job that, as great as it is, doesn’t really involve recipe development. I do get to do a lot of programming and am working on bringing more vegan options to the university I work at, but that is another story!

I have also become very involved in my community. I am serving on my first non-profit board of directors. I also just started doing some volunteer work with the Moscow Food Co-op and will be helping them with inexpensive recipes that they can sample to their customers, a cooking on a budget class, and answering nutrition questions on a new blog titled “Ask a Dietitian.” I’ll post a link when that premieres next month.  This part of my life is definitely my #1 priority at the moment, as community service means everything to me.

As you might have guessed, all this keeps me super busy! If you can’t tell by all my Instagram posts, the only recipes I have been working on lately have been focused on lentils. This is in preparation for Pullman’s Lentil Festival and the Legendary Lentil Fest Cookoff. I am in it to win it! Or, at least make it to the top five while I am living in the Palouse area!

All this doesn’t include my personal life. I’ve been trying really hard to get out there, go to events, make friends, get involved with everything in sight, and check off items on my Moscow/Pullman bucket list. It’s also lovely weather for biking and walking the dog! Something I really need to make time for is keeping in touch with my Utah and Ellensburg friends. I have a long list of people I need to write emails/send care packages to! I don’t want to be the type of friend who uses being busy and living far away as an excuse to not keep in touch, as I have definitely been on the receiving end of that.

Anyways, for now, I have decided to give the recipe development and blogging portion of my life a rest. Not sure if it will be temporary or permanent, or if I will be posting very sporadically. Since I do still want to support the vegan community and share tips on eating vegan, I will still be Instagramming and Facebooking all of my good eats, so be sure to check those out!

Thank you for reading! And thanks to my friends who supported this blog from day one!



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