My First Vegan Thanksgiving


Since I’m new in town, don’t have any friends yet, and can’t find much to do during the winter, I’ve been Netflixing quite a few documentaries lately. My favorites is Vegucated . These have been great sources of encouragement because, even though I have to deal with an extreme lack of support from my mother and some ridicule from immature folks at social gatherings, I know what I am doing is right for the animals and good for the environment.

I read a lot of vegan blogs that mention Thanksgiving being oneof the hardest times to be vegan. The problem is not the lack of vegan Thanksgiving dishes, as most vegans know where to look to find these. However, vegans often have to deal with family members who makes jokes about Tofurky, try to convince them to go back to eating meat, or other rude unnecessary remarks. Every person deals with this a little differently. Some vegans who are flexi-vegans like myself will take a break from being vegan for a day to avoid conflict, offending anyone, or causing drama on a holiday. Others who might have more supportive family members will treat this holiday like eating on any other day. Vegan Thanksgiving

Lucky for me, Thanksgiving has never been a big holiday in my family, so I had my own Thanksgiving here in Moscow with my sister. This was my first Thanksgiving where I was committed to eating vegan, and I’m happy to report that everything  I made turned out delicious! Here’s what was on the menu (click on links for more appetizing-looking photos):

  • Asian Marinated Baked Tofu from PBS Food: Side dishes are the Asian Marinated Baked Tofueasiest part of a vegan Thanksgiving, but deciding on a protein/main dish can be difficult. Instead of going all out to make or buy a mock vegan turkey, I kept it simple with some baked tofu.
  • Kale Apple Salad w/ Lemon Tahini Dressing from The Healthy Apple: I made this one last because it didn’t involved any cooking. Just chop up the kale and apples and mix up the dressing. Super light and refreshing!
  • Homemade Cranberry Sauce from Cookie and Kate: I used my rice Cranberry Saucecooker to make this and it was so easy! Just cranberries, water, a little sugar, and orange zest and optional spices. I cut the sugar in half and added some vanilla extract. This tasted great on top of the tofu, with the sweet potatoes, and even on top of the pumpkin pie!
  • Rosemary Roasted Sweet Potatoes: I usually steam my potatoes, but decided to roast these because I already had my oven on to make the tofu and pie crust (energy efficient!).  Simply clean the potatoes, slice a few air pockets in them, drizzle with olive oil and rosemary, and bake at 400 F for about 40 minutes.
  • Mini Pumpkin Chocolate Pies: These were my favorite of all the recipes! I used two recipes from Chocolate Covered Katie to bake a pie crust and filled it with a no bake filling. I made these in a muffin tin just for fun and topped them off with a bit of pumpkin puree. If they turn out to be a little to rich for you, serve it with some of the cranberry sauce. Mini Pumpkin Pie

I realize it’s out of the box to post Thanksgiving recipes after the holiday has passed, but it’s never too late to have any of these dishes. If you’re hosting a vegan for your next Thanksgiving or for the upcoming holidays, these are some lovely dishes to keep in mind! Bonus: it only took me about an hour and a half to make all these!

My latest blogger idol is Bite Size Vegan. She’s spunky and informative and gives you the facts and research but doesn’t make you feel bad if you’re not ready to go full on vegan. Check out here Thanksgiving post here for more recipes.


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