Nailed It! And a couple successful dessert recipes.

Here I am, one of those dietitians who writes a blog. So far so good, as I have only let less than a week lapse between posts. Anyways, I spent my weekend browsing through my new Pinterest page that I created to accompany this blog, and settled on attempting to recreate a conventional homemade pop tart recipe into a healthy, vegan-friendly treat!

I’ve never made any type of toaster pastry before, and I decided to use this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie as my starting point. I thought I would keep with the theme of this blog and incorporate avocados into the recipe, in both the pastry and cream filling. To make a long story short, it didn’t quite work out. My dough was too crumbly and hard to shape into squares, and the baked pastry ended up being hard and cracked. I used an avocado filling recipe from Scarletta Bakes, which tasted pretty good.


In the end, the end product was still delicious- almost like a avocado cream-filled cookie rather than a soft, flaky pop tart. However, it wasn’t quite aesthetically pleasing enough to warrant a post, at least not yet.


Even though my pop-tart attempt was a semi-failure, I still felt obligated to post about it. Quite a few dietitians have food blogs, containing hundreds of posts with gorgeous pictures and successful recipes. I don’t have much of a following at this point, but I hope everyone reading this can gain a little laughter from this post and not feel too bad about themselves the next time they encounter a “Pinterest fail”

While you are waiting on me to perfect my healthy, whole-wheat, vegan pop-tart recipe, why not check out these other great avocado desserts that I have successfully made using recipes from other blogs? I didn’t make any adaptations when I made these, so you should be fine following the blog’s recipe word for word.

Mint Chocolate Avocado Grasshopper Bars from Whole New MomMint Chocolate Avocado Grasshopper Bars from Whole New Mom: I brought these to my monthly vegetarian society potluck few months ago, and they were a hit! Perfect color for the holidays, and an easy, no-cook freezer recipe!

Chocolate Avocado Truffles from Detoxinista: I’ve made these at least three or four times over the last two years. These are very simple, but can be a little time consuming and messy because you have to refrigerate the mixture and then hand-roll them into balls to cover with cocoa powder. However, they are extremely delicious! I add minIMG_20141111_161345t extract to mine when the holidays come around.

Whether your Monday is full of successes for failures, remember to laugh at yourself, learn from it, and possibly share it on the internet if you feel it is necessary. Have a great week!

Avocado Alice


2 thoughts on “Nailed It! And a couple successful dessert recipes.

  1. Alice,
    Thank you so much for posting these and for your work on this blog. A goal of mine this year is to incorporate wholesome and vegan recipes into my diet. I am so lost when it comes to vegan meals and treats, but these give me hope and guidance!! Keep it up because I’m depending on you 🙂 🙂


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